Fifteen-year-old Jeff Wood, Alton, died tragically on July 30 while participating in a Valley High School baseball practice. Wood, who was in shallow centerfield behind the second baseman during the practice, was fielding balls when hit by a ball off a coach''s bat. He immediately collapsed. Jeff had complained of a sideache earlier, but still wanted to practice.

    There was immediate response by Kane County off-duty Deputy and assistant coach Marvin Hoyt and others, and a rapid response from Orderville EMT''s training nearby, including his father Valley Principal Jim Wood, but Jeff passed away at the scene.

    Young Jeff Wood was a wonderful, soft-spoken young man. He had received his Eagle Scout award last month, worked at his grandfather''s ranch this summer, and was the oldest of six children.

    While questions concerning Jeff''s death are still unanswered, hearts in the close community of Orderville, Glendale and Alton are broken.