I am one of many Kanab High School students taking college classes. In fact, I am completing my college General Education classes. Facilitated by the Kane County School District, I am currently taking 20 credits through Snow College and Dixie State University for only $5 per credit. What an amazing opportunity! With a lot of classes to choose from, it is possible for everyone to find a class.

Taking concurrent enrollment college classes while living at home helps take some of the stress of learning the requirements of college homework … and trust me, there is a lot.

Having the Ed-net coordinator Loretta Clayson and Katie Orton facilitate the classes is awesome. They help in any way that they can. 

Kanab High School also offers Math 1030, Math 1050, English 1010, and English 2010, which is nice because then we have teachers here and available to help us.

Overall, I would encourage underclassmen to start taking concurrent enrollment classes and to get a jump on their college credits. I am saving around $13,000 because I am not paying for housing, food, or full tuition. Concurrent enrollment is an incredible opportunity in which all high school students should try to participate.

Submitted by Jennifer Yates, Kanab High School, Mathematics Department.