It’s interesting, when “impossible” records get broken, to reflect on the limits of human capability. The first men (yes, all men) who ran in the Boston Marathon 120 years ago were thought to be pressing the limits when they completed the 26 miles in three hours.

This year’s G2G winner finished the grueling 174 miles in 29 hours and 34 minutes – 17 minutes faster than the course record set last year. Erik Clavery, age 37, from France, crossed the finish line with that new record time. In second place was Peter Cromie, age 44, from Great Britain, whose total time was 32 hours, 18 minutes.

The fastest female (placing eighth overall) was Erica Terblanche, age 46, from the Republic of South Africa, finishing in just over 40 hours, 4 minutes. Just 25 minutes behind her, and finishing ninth overall, was 22-year-old Canadian Kelsey Hogan (the youngest G2G participant this year). Hogan was sponsored by i2P and helped raise funds for that organization.

Our own local Paul Grimm, age 48, who ran last year on a G2G scholarship, said, “The trail karma was with me this year!” He crossed the finish line unscathed in 11th place overall. Last year he placed 35th.

Kudos to Tara Timpson, our local G2G scholarship participant this year! She won the award for the fastest time for a female in her age group. She clearly had the largest fan base of anyone in the race – having the most e-mails delivered to her and a large contingent at the finish line waving signs.

Tara says she is really proud of being local. “I know the terrain and know it is challenging, but it is great to see the place anew through the eyes of others as they discover this ‘most amazing place!’”

She appreciated her tent-mates and enjoyed their time together. They spent time talking about why they are doing this, what it means, what’s important, what they will do differently when they get home.

She feels gratitude to everyone who helped her work and train. She feels lucky that all the hard work and training paid off. “I felt good enough to play pickleball one day after the race!”