Conroe, TX – With 500+ dogs and cats being cared for, and more coming in every hour, Best Friends Animal Society has partnered with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS,) to help ensure pets displaced from their families are reunited as quickly as possible.

Located in a steel hanger on the Montgomery County Fairgrounds the Rescue and Reunite Center was originally set up by MCAS as a place where families could house their pets while they evacuated to the human shelter.

As the floodwaters grew, animal rescue and shelter organizations in the affected areas started bringing pets to the center. As word spread, people also started bringing in lost pets and the population grew exponentially.

Best Friends has assisted by putting in place protocols and procedures with key learnings from its rescue and reunite efforts during Hurricane Katrina.

There are three distinct categories of pets being housed on site. First, owned animals whose families are in a Red Cross shelter located at the Montgomery County Convention Center; second, pets who have been evacuated from area pet shelters in flooded areas; third, pets who have been rescued from flooded out buildings and properties.

“One of our primary goals is to make sure all owned pets are able to be reunited with their families and we’re thrilled dozens and dozens of reunions have happened already,” said Patty Hegwood, incident command for Best Friends Animal Society. “Our team has brought their expertise in animal care and sheltering along with a wealth of compassion and the spirit of teamwork.”

“It’s amazing to see all of these people and groups come together to help the animals affected by this storm,” said Aaron Johnson, director, Montgomery County Animal Shelter. “We couldn’t do any of this without the help of the Montgomery County Fair Association. The facilities and support they’ve provided throughout has been phenomenal.”

Also on site is American Humane with more than 10 people on site who are assisting with the rescue and reuniting efforts. Additionally, almost 400 people have shown up to help with the efforts and donations being dropped off every day.

“The amount of goods we’ve had donated has enabled us to send food and other supplies to area shelters that are still operating, but can’t get the supplies they need to run their operations,” continued Johnson.

Members of the public can drop off supplies at the Rescue and Recovery Center between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. or go to to find an Amazon Wish List.

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