By Laurali Noteman

I truly enjoy reading a little history in the Southern Utah News every week, so I thought we would take a minute and stroll down memory lane with the Hospital Auxiliary’s Thrift Store.

In 1998, the Thrift Store president was ... you guessed it … Emma Norton. She has been the Auxiliary president on and off over the years, and has done an outstanding job that keeps getting her voted back in as president.

The list of volunteers over the years is too extensive to mention here and I would hate to leave anyone out, but would like to say thank you to all who have been part of that extraordinary organization.

Back in 1990, the Thrift Store gave the hospital $3,392 for the year. By the mid 90s, they were bringing in sales of $38,000 gross. By the turn of the century, the Thrift Store volunteers and customers were ringing in over $96,000. In the year 2009, our volunteers had raked in over a million dollars to date. Each year they thanked the tourists and residents for supporting the hospital. As they published the total for 2016, they are able to boast a grand total of $1.8 million that they have given to KCH through the years. What can you say other than, wow! That is a whole lot of nickels, dimes and quarters over the years, and they still thank their customers for making it the success it has become.

The Thrift Store is still considered one of the best in the region. The volunteers take pride in their work stations, enjoy their job, and have great time with their teammates and customers. I would love to say it is a no-nonsense kind of group, but that wouldn’t be accurate. They love to tease each other, and make comments such as at the last meeting when Linda Spencer commented that Kenny (Spencer) was the brain in the group and Doug (F. Crosby) was the brawn. Funniest part was Doug agreed whole-heartedly.

If you happen to have some free time, or you want to find a purpose and would love to work with at great group of people, the Auxiliary may be perfect for you. They are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, you can pick up an application form at the Thrift Store.