The Kanab City Council discussed four topics without resolution at their July 25 meeting.

During the public comment period, Jody Peterson, a 14 year resident in the Kanab Creek Ranchos, asked what could be done about the stench coming from the sewer ponds near her home, which she said has been noticeably bad this summer.

Mayor Robert Houston told her the city is aware of this problem, which he said was due to colder water (from the frequent rains) on the surface sinking and bringing the warmer methane laden water to the surface. The city is looking into ways to deal with the issue.

Among the issues tabled until more information can be secured was amending the Kanab City Land Use Ordinance chapters concerning the number of dwelling units a single residential property could have on it.

As presently defined, two dwelling units per property is allowed, but questions have been asked of Mike Reynolds, Kanab’s Land Use Coordinator, if a duplex would be considered a single unit, thereby allowing another dwelling on the property, such as a guest house.

Councilmember Brent Chamberlain, who attends the Planning and Zoning Commission (P & Z) meetings as the city council liaison, said he felt that P & Z needed to further consider the issue when more members could be present, but felt that city zoning should dictate unit density to a large degree.

Mayor Houston suggested that the P & Z be given some direction as to what the council should consider changing in the Land Use Ordinance to clarify and define the dwelling units per parcel question, before it is brought before the council again. Council members were encouraged to convey their preferences for a resolution to the P & Z, via Chamberlain.

Kanab City attorney Jeff Stott explained his reasons for promoting a daytime curfew on grade school children by saying, “The Utah state legislature has passed a resolution stating that the juvenile court system, via local law enforcement agencies, can no longer handle school truancy issues, which now fall to the schools themselves to deal with.”

He, along with local school administrators and Kane County Attorney Rob Van Dyke, are proposing that the city consider a daytime curfew for children of school age that, without one of a number of exceptions, should be attending school during the daytime school hours.

“It now falls on us, and not the state, to deal with the fairly extensive truancy problem and we are looking for ways we can curb this very real dilemma,” said Stott. If a parent knows of a truant child and does not report it, the proposal calls for it being a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a $50 fine for the first offense.

Houston asked that school administrators and attorney Van Dyke, along with any parents that could be affected by this type of resolution, present their case to the city council (presumably at the next city council meeting August 8) so that all sides of the issue can be heard, before any action is taken.

Several residents living along 1100 South in Kanab attended the meeting to voice their concern over a possible change to their street’s designation as a “P” (for Preliminary) street as it was designated in 2008. A “P” Street is one that was built and paid for by the residents living along that road and 1100 South is the only street in the city designated as such.

Although the street was well constructed, it would be required to be upgraded to current city standards if development proceeded where the RR2 zoning, with a two acre minimum sized lot requirement, was reduced. 

Bringing this to the table was a request by a lot owner to subdivide his property into two- one acre lots, which would constitute a subdivision that, as the P street designation in the Transportation Master Plan outlines, would require the expensive road surface upgrade, if the road surface does not meet current city road requirements.

All this brought up numerous questions regarding current zoning along that street, which differs on each side of the street, and what zoning applies to the subdivision request, along with what upgrades, if any, would the street require if a subdivision of this lot were granted and thereby change the “P” Street designation. The council tabled the issue until these questions can be answered.

A vote on the release of restrictive covenants for Lots 1930 and 1931 in the Kanab Creek Ranchos Unit 4 was tabled pending further revisions.