We would like to welcome the UPA to Kanab for their summer convention this weekend. Most in attendance publish,  own or write for newspapers in the state. They work hard to make sure that the public is informed about news, government functions and actions, and report on their local communities through documentation and features.

    Dennis and I are proud to have been accepted and welcomed as members of the Utah Press Association when we moved here and took over the Southern Utah News from Marlin Brown 17 years ago. I have since served on the board for over ten years, as well as being the fourth woman president in the association''s history. The UPA has worked on Legislative issues concerning legal notification and open meetings and records, as well as conducting business concerning small and large newspaper operations.

    I have enormous admiration for people who publish papers, especially after having run one of our own for many years. Publishing or writing anything in a newspaper, small or large, is a challenge! In smaller or more remote populations, it''s even more of a challenge. Both sides have their take on a situation, that they want presented. The main challenge is everyone wants only their side to be told! If you can only get one side, you''re too right-wing and conservative...if you can get only the other side...you''re left wing and liberal. It is difficult and frustrating when you''re trying to present both sides, as most newspapers attempt to do.

    When I used to get emotional about the situation to my elderly mom, she would tell me, "Quit whining Dixie, if you haven''t ticked off someone every week, you haven''t done your job!”

    The members of the Utah Press Association have done their job, and have an organization that has documented Utah''s history for well over a hundred years. I am so proud to call them not only my fellow colleagues, but my really cherished friends. Thank you so much for coming to Kanab.