The Kane County Tourism Tax Advisory Board (Travel Council), welcomed two new members at the Advisory Board meeting on Thursday, July 13. Shon Foster and Travis Mitchell recently joined the Advisory Board as well as Clay Stewart (not pictured).

The Advisory Board is comprised of seven members from Kane County, representing the following sectors: lodging, restaurant, public lands, tourist attraction and surrounding communities.

The current board members are:

•Dirk Clayson- Kane County Commissioner

•William Afeaki- Chairman, Lodging Sector- GM of Holiday Inn Xpress and Suites

•Carrie Smith- Vice Chairman, Tourist Attraction- Best Friends Visitor Center Manager

•Jessie Riddle- Lodging Sector- GM Comfort Suites

•Lorraine Chamberlain- Surrounding Communities, Glendale resident/business owner

•Clay Stewart- Public Lands, Outdoor Recreation Planner BLM-KFO

•Travis Mitchell- Lodging Sector, Owner of Canyons Collection properties

•Shon Foster- Restaurant Sector, Sego and Kanab Creek Bakery

State statute requires that four of the seven members are either TRT (lodging tax) or TRCC (1 percent restaurant tax) collectors. The Office of Tourism operates from a budget based on TRT and TRCC collections. The Advisory Board is responsible for providing the county commission with a priority list for proposed expenditures based on projected available tax revenues supplied to the board by the county legislative body on an annual basis. The board members are non-paid volunteers.

At the board meeting on July 13, members discussed occupancy trends, year-to-date TRT and TRCC collections versus this time last year. TRT is up 11 percent as opposed to TRCC being down 8 percent. Some of the factors that may be affecting the decline in the restaurant tax is local spending patterns, the excessive heat and perhaps the Brian Head Fire as they’ve affected visitor behavior.

Kane County Commissioner Dirk Clayson expressed gratitude for the members’ willingness to serve and thanked the Office of Tourism for their hard work.