The July 10 Kane County Commission meeting opened with the Municipal Building Authority holding a public hearing for public input regarding the issuance and sale of not more than $2,630,000 lease revenue bonds for the proposed Kanab Center.

Bruce Williams, Zions Bank, explained the process and need for a public hearing. He continued that the county has received a $1,000,000 grant and with the loan at 2 percent interest, that will make a total of $3,685,000. The difference is from another fund.

There were a few comments in favor of the Kanab Center. Matt Brown said the completion date is April 2018, and that construction is about to begin.  Charlie Saba asked if there is a western theme. Brown replied it will have the original design elements, not so much western. It will be contemporary, but yet historical. Also some comments expressed excitement for a new Senior Citizen Center. There were no negative comments.

Back into the regular commission meeting and another public hearing for a budget opening of $61,700. Basically, the county will no longer fund the recreation director position.  It is being turned over to Kanab City with $20,000 in payments to Kanab City for four years.

The commission approved the contract award for a property appraisal as part of the requirements of the Township Act.  The county will purchase 68.7 acres from the Dixie National Forest.  The contract was awarded to Chris Hansen. This is part of the Duck Creek Sewer project.

Budget Officer John Livingston presented the monthly finance report with revenue and expenditures.

During the citizen input section County Recorder VerJean Caruso said she needs more room in her office for files and records, and lamented she has requested this every year for 10 years, while other department remodels have been done. Commissioner Lamont Smith, who is over the building and grounds department, will see what can be done.