Teresa Banks was born right here in Kanab, delivered by Dr. Washburn. (You may remember him from last month. The Doc that would fly in from Page to attend to the needs of Kane County residents.)

She has two older sisters and two younger brothers. Just to remind all of us our age, some of Teresa’s elementary school teachers were Mary Johnson, Leona Swallow, Laura Chamberlain, Kevin Glazier, and Jim Ott. Geeze, some of those guys are my age (or younger)!

Teresa enjoyed science, journalism, photography, basketball and volleyball in high school. In fact, she carried on her love of sports into her adult life.

Teresa attended the University of Utah studying to become an electrical engineer. She was awarded a full two year scholarship in that field. After two years she transferred her studies to nursing. In 1993 she was a student nurse at Kane County Hospital. In "95" she relocated to Pennsylvania. Teresa moved back to Kanab and worked at Southern Utah Home Care and KCH. In "99" another relocation took her to Sacramento. In 2001 she came home and back to Kane County Hospital.

She was playing church volleyball when she met Dave Bischoff. "His sister asked Dave to join the volleyball team," Teresa recalled. The couple started dating. When they were out target shooting, "He decided he would keep dating me because I outshot him. He was impressed."

Teresa, Dave and their four children love being together in the outdoors. They camp, shoot fish, hike, and go four-wheeling. Teresa’s other joys are reading, crocheting, scrapbooking, and sewing.

Other than being an involved wife and mother, Teresa is an outstanding RN. She has taken on the additional tasks of being our Infection Control Nurse, as well as tracking Adverse Drug Events.

"I have worked a lot of other places," Teresa commented. "The staff here always tries to help each other. More so than any other place I have worked."

Teresa comes to work with a great attitude and extends that to the staff. She is understanding of others and offers her help and expertise freely. It is a pleasure to have her here.