Dear Editor:

Many of you are likely wondering why I have remained silent while the State Auditor and the Kane County Attorneys whirl accusations at Karla Johnson and me regarding ethics, violations of policy, and the “suggestion” of criminal activity. If it were just the first two, I would have gladly responded and engaged in the political fisticuffs that necessarily arise when elected officials misuse their powerful offices to promote their personal agendas and political goals. But a false accusation about criminal activity is a whole other matter.

I have been placed in the same context as our former Treasurer and that is a blatantly false premise. This arena drastically changes things, especially when elected officials choose to defame someone for their own personal gain. The legal minds that are wiser than my accusers have told me that the less said, the better–for now. While my accusers prattle on with untrue political spin to sway public opinion, I have and will avoid accepting their invitation to respond in kind.

For now, it is a matter of DUE PROCESS and allowing the truth to be distilled through our legal process. I have a very strong belief and confidence in our American system of justice. For now, I am waiting for the declaration of “no criminal activity” of which I am fully confident will be found in time, as my accusers have likely always known.

I am asking for a little patience from all of you while, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story” emerges, and I am asking you to ignore the political spin and reckless, unfounded allegations until all the facts are known. In time, you will have a complete picture, which I believe will expose the true motivations of my accusers..

Egregious and unacceptable behavior? We will see. Witch hunt? Indeed.