In an impassioned address to the Kanab City Council on April 25, Kanab Police Chief Tom Cram expressed frustration with the fact that Kanab City department heads work many hours of overtime for the city without receiving any compensation.

Department heads are salaried city employees and do not qualify for approved overtime pay.  They are often asked to put in extra time for city activities like Western Legends, the Greyhound Gathering, the Women’s March and Jacob Hamblin Park projects.

“I am not so much concerned for myself,” said Cram, “but I know the long hours I have seen department heads put in beyond their regular hours without any compensation. I am asking the council to review this situation and consider revision of this policy.”

Mayor Robert Houston told Cram that they would look into the matter.

The new tennis, basketball and skate park facilities at the Jacob Hamblin Park were praised by Gov. Gary Herbert on his recent visit to Kanab. “This is a great example of how public monies should be spent,” said Gov. Herbert.

City employees and many volunteers laid 15,000 sq.ft. of sod and planted several trees around the new recreational facilities, with more sod scheduled for planting soon.

Council member Michael East suggested that the city look into raising the city sales tax. “When you can no longer reduce expenses, you must increase revenue to fund city projects,” said East. He proposed increasing the current city sales tax of 7.95% (.0795) by .01 – making it .0895 or 8.95%.  This would be an additional $1 cost on a $100 purchase.

Council member Brent Chamberlain remarked that the city’s finances were in good shape and asked East to come up with a list of what the projected $80,000 increase in sales taxes (amounting to 10% over the $800,000 in these taxes collected by the city last year) would be used to fund. East said he would provide that list.

Mayor Houston declared a resolution that was passed by the council declaring support for the 15th annual UT/AZ ATV Fun Run on Saturday, May 20.