Over the April 22-23 weekend, in a remote area northwest of Kanab, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Tactical Tracking Course for members of the Kane County Search and Rescue Team and several Bureau of Land Management staff.

Sheriff Tracy Glover, Chief Deputy Allan Alldredge, SAR Commander Rod Willis and former Fredonia Town Marshall Dan Watson, along with a number of sheriff’s deputies, not only taught the class and conducted field tracking episodes, but cooked and served fantastic hot meals for everyone.  Glover and Alldredge have second chef careers waiting for them when they turn in their badges. 

Classroom sessions and supervised field scenarios on Saturday prefaced a full blown tracking episode on Sunday, following four separated and lost “shed hunters.” Utilizing the skills they had been taught,  the trackers were able to locate each lost party – one having sustained a broken leg requiring the transport services of a Classic Aviation helicopter crew, headed by pilot Owen Park, who negotiated a safe landing in the dense Pinyon-Juniper forest.  

The Tactical Tracking Course will continue for three more days as up to 300 law enforcement officers from several different agencies across Utah and the U.S. arrive Sunday afternoon to train with the Kane County Sheriff Office’s nationally recognized program.

“We don’t advertise our tracking class,” said Sheriff Glover, “It just spreads by word of mouth and gets bigger every year. We collect between $15-20,000 each year from the law enforcement participants, which covers our expenses.”

Everyone participating said they greatly benefitted from and appreciated the efforts of the instructors, but as much as anything else, they praised the tasty meals they were served.