The long dormant Creekside subdivision was given its third preliminary plat approval in the last 10 years with a three to one vote by the Kanab City Council at their April 11 meeting.

The major subdivision is located on 39.95 acres of vacant land between the Kanab Creek and Escalante Dr. and Willow and Vance Dr., just east of the Kanab Creek Ranchos subdivision.  The parcel is zoned R-1-8 and the long term plans call for stick-built housing on up to 77 lots.

Brett Dennett, a Kanab native now living in Hurricane, and his brothers, started the Creekside project in 2007. By 2008 they had put in curb and gutter and asphalted the street off of Escalante Dr. into a portion of the oval Creekside Dr. Water and sewer lines were also installed and the sewer line has been in use by residences along Escalante Dr. since that time.

The project then stalled out and a few years later, Dennett Brothers Construction processed a second preliminary plat plan, which again did not get off the ground.  Since more than the 18 month allotted time has expired since then, the council agreed, after some debate, not to reduce the preliminary plat fee from the usual $5,300.

Dennett’s plans call for phasing in the housing segments, starting with six lots along the existing paved road.  They are planning to build their first home this summer.  Outside contractors will also be allowed to build on the Dennett owned lots.

Mayor Robert Houston proclaimed April 21 Arbor Day and encouraged Kanab residents to plant and maintain trees on their property for the multitude of values they bring to the community.

Celeste Meyeres was appointed to the Planning Commission for a term ending 12-31-2020.

A house planning to be built at 42 S. and 300 E. by Joseph Robinson and Lisa Ladd was given approval to not require the front of the house to be facing the street as specified in the Kanab Land Use Ordinance.

Martin Greenback came before the council requesting the city close off North Main St. one Saturday per month for a “Shine and Show” antique and classic car show.  He said the Red Rocks Car Show will not be held this year, but wanted to keep interest in these cars ongoing. Police Chief Tom Cram did not foresee a problem closing off the street from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on a Saturday and the council granted Greenback’s request.