Works by early climate science pioneers of the 19th century, the likes of Joseph Fourier (1824), John Tyndall (1863), and Svante Arrhenius (1896), helped pave the way for the advanced climate science discoveries we continue to make to this very day.

Whereas the international community of climate scientists is overwhelmingly (97-99 percent) in agreement that the burning of fossil fuels, namely the CO2 byproduct of combustion, is the primary contributor to climate change, the same cannot be said for the American public.  While a recent (March 2017) Gallup poll found a record high 68 percent of Americans believe climate change is caused by human activities, and 62 percent of Americans believe the effects of climate change are happening now, they are still far behind in “believing the science.”

That a matter of science, specifically “questioning the credibility of our climate scientists,” has become politicized in America, is disturbing to many. That is especially true for those with a science background. This noted shift became more pronounced 15 years ago, during the Bush-2 administration. Today, the strong majority of Democrats believe climate change is caused by human activity, while less than 25 percent of Republicans believe so.

Whereas President Trump has dismissed the science, and is opposed to addressing climate change, even calling it “a hoax,” and he has also proposed a 31 percent budget cut to the Environmental Protection Agency, a “Peoples Climate March” is planned around the nation, to oppose President Trump’s actions. The same Gallup poll found that 57 percent of Americans think President Trump will do a poor job of protecting the environment.

Most marches will occur on April 29, as will be the case in Kanab, but some will be marching a week earlier, on Earth Day. All people who believe what the world’s climate scientists have been sharing for years, and believe that climate change is a major global concern, and support the protection of our environment, are welcome to participate in the “Peoples Climate March - Kanab,” on Saturday, April 29, at 11 a.m.  The event will convene in the Kane County parking lot, 76 North Main St., Kanab.