Have you noticed lately, all of the blame that is going around? No one wants to be responsible. The devil made me do it, or Obama, Trump or Russia, were behind it all. Sure folks, blame your church, your village, your neighbor, your dog, or whoever may be in your window of blaming. Actually, I have found the culprit. It’s much closer to home than you might believe. It’s in your hair follicles, on your skin, in your nose, and in your saliva. You can’t help it, whatever your problem is – you can blame it on your DNA. 


That Darn DNA


I don’t need to be responsible,

Doesn’t matter what I say.

I am totally helpless –

Blame it on the DNA.


I can cheat a neighbor, 

By the things I do and say.

But, I am totally innocent, 

It’s that doggone DNA. 


All this fat I carry around, 

As I eat my favorite treats.

It came from Granny’s DNA,

Not from foods I choose to eat.


If I throw a tantrum,

Unreasonable or bad.

It’s all because of DNA,

That comes from dear old Dad. 


Laziness I cannot help,

‘Tis beyond my own control.

Handed on for generations,

It’s embedded in my soul. 


So when your teen is acting out,

Behaves in an awful way.

Remember that his rudeness, 

Comes from his Momma’s DNA.


Oh, this crazy blame game,

Will never go away.

We can blame the entire world,

For inherited DNA.