During the week of April 17-21, Kanab City crews will be engaged in picking up discarded items that are too big to place in the regular trash cans from the homes of residents, as part of the effort to make Kanab a more attractive place to live.

All items must be placed curbside, and you must schedule a pick up by calling the city office at 435-644-2534 a week before you want the items hauled away, but no later than April 14. Don’t wait until the last minute, or risk losing this opportunity. 

Except for a $10 charge to remove a refrigerator, which must be free of freon gas, and a $5 charge for each tire, the service is free. Think of it as a way of celebrating Earth Day on April 21.

Automobiles that are no longer in service and sitting around your residence can be arranged for pick up, running or not. The owner of the vehicle will receive a tax credit for the value of the vehicle. If you no longer have the title, one can be obtained from the state for a fee of $6.

Call the city to arrange a free pick up, which may save you a citation later, as the city gears up to enforce the section of the Nuisance Ordinance addressing junk cars in town.