On Sunday evening, March 26, an amazing talent came to Kanab to share his expertise on songwriting techniques, geared for an audience of beginners mingled with some seasoned musicians. Clive Romney, a man well known (in more areas than one can imagine), has made his name as a composer of over 500 works, and as a singer, entertainer and various other talents he generously shares with others.

Romney plays several instruments, including guitar, mandolin, banjo and piano. He is the executive director of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts, involved in promoting and restoring the rich heritage of Utah through music, song, and other art forms.  He has over 4000 performances to his credit, both solo and with varied groups.

It was indeed a cherished two hours as Romney, the teacher, entertainer and instructor, gave great tidbits for those pursuing the art of songwriting. Some of the common sense advice included: “Great songs are not written, but rewritten. So be willing to rewrite and rewrite, until the end result is acceptable.”

The display he used to encourage other art forms as inspiration and knowledge included paintings, sculptures, quilts and any other art that inspires the songwriter. He mentioned working with local artist Julie Rogers in some of the works he has accomplished. He said paintings mingle with music to add dimension to the experience, as the arts go hand in hand.

Possibly one of the most profound statements may have been his counsel to, “Write from the heart, edit from the head.”

As members of the Tri Stake Pageant Committee and other interested writers met, many concepts and learning tools were presented, as the audience engaged with the multi-talented Clive Romney’s enthusiasm for an art form he obviously loves and has devoted much of his life to perfecting. What a journey with Mr. Romney!

Thank you Mr. Romney. You gave so much great information, food for thought, as would-be songwriters received knowledge from the master. This quote fits: “To learn is one thing, but to enjoy the learning journey, through a great and seasoned master, is the icing on the cake.”