Twelve young men who received the rank of Eagle Scout in 2016 were recognized at the annual Bryce Canyon District Eagle Scout Banquet. The young men represented the communities of Alton, Fredonia, Glendale, Kanab and Orderville. Over 100 aspiring Scouts and their leaders paid tribute to the dedication and hard work of the Eagle Scouts. Lance Jackson provided the keynote address in which he encouraged everyone to live the Scout Oath.

Service projects are a key requirement for a young man to receive the Eagle award. This year’s group completed 12 projects that are valuable contributions to their communities. Looking at the project totals is impressive. The Eagles coordinated the efforts of 171 workers for a total of 1050 hours of volunteered labor to complete these projects.

Austin Banks – Troop 363

Painting and restoration at the Kanab Municipal Airport.

12 people, 70 hours

Easton James Bonham – Troop 411

Construction of benches at the Orderville Cemetery.

eight people, 40 hours

William Corbin Brock – Troop 365

Fence around 60,000-gallon water catchment tanks.

four people, 56 hours

Matthew Cutchen – Troop 369

Update the Fredonia LDS Chapel landscaping.

19 people, 112 hours

Jaxson Grover – Troop 366

Survey of the Fredonia Cemetery.

eight people, 48 hours

Travis Lee – Troop 537

Daughters of Utah Pioneers school bell monument.

14 people, 120 hours

Judd Peatross – Troop 565

Extension of and improvements to the Cottonwood Trail.

25 people, 80 hours

Clark Ray – Troop 565

Trail work on Bunting Trail and the installation of signage.

23 people, 101 hours

Jake Shakespear – Troop 794

Install a flag pole at the DMV building.

eight people, 100 hours

Isaac Steven Stout – Troop 367

New announcer’s stand at the Carroll Arena.

23 people, 118 hours

Dustin Grady Winter – Troop 537

BBQ pits and dining area at the Orderville town park.

15 people, 100 hours

Orrin Wood – Troop 364

Mapping of the Alton Town Culinary Water System.

12 people, 105 hours