Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll, Commander Rex Gilliland and Lt. Bret Axland presented an Award of Appreciation to Kane County Sheriff Tracy Glover, Chief Deputy Alan Alldredge and Kevin Little, Fleet Coordinator at the February 13 Kane County Commission meeting. Specifically, they were recognized for the incident on December 24, 2016, involving the rescue of Karen Kline and her family. Sheriff Driscoll said, “She is alive because of the cooperative help from Kane County. It is a miracle she survived. A few more hours and she would not have.”

He went on to praise the working relationship Coconino has with Kane County established 15 years ago by Sheriff Lamont Smith. Smith is now a Kane County Commissioner.

Sheriff Glover accepted the award and praised his fellow officers for their work in finding the family. Searching on snowmobiles, they followed footprints in the snow for several hours. He said, “this is another case of being over reliant on the GPS system.” 

The Kline family is from Pennsylvania. Elementary school classmates of the Kline boy sent lots of thank you cards to both County Sheriff Offices, and split the money they saved for charity. Each county received $52.

 The commissioners expressed their appreciation to the Search and Rescue and all volunteers in Kane County.  

In other business, the commission approved the Kane County Coalition Drug Free Communities Grant Application. Coordinator Ashley Heaton explained in detail that the program is for prevention of drug abuse and suicide. The grant is for $125 annually for five years. Commissioner Jim Matson was authorized to execute the grant and Attorney Rob Van Dyke will manage the funds. There followed a long discussion of issues specific to Kane County and strategies for prevention. One program is working in the schools. Commissioner Dirk Clayson expressed his appreciation to VanDyke for his work with the coalition. Commissioner Matson added both Heaton and VanDyke have a lot of passion for this project.

The commission approved Ordinance O 2017-2, which is the delegation of Commission Assignments and Authority. The ordinance clearly establishes when commissioners can act on their own, and when they cannot. The ordinance covers legislative powers, executive powers, delegation of authority and administrative actions. The ordinance was requested by the  commissioners after several issues they dealt with last fall. They wanted some clarification.

Also approved was Resolution 2017-2, which is the Commission Assignments for 2017.  Each commissioner has a long list of groups they oversee. 

A request to waive interest on taxes was denied. The individual in question claims taxes were paid by money order. The county has no record of payment and has requested copies of the money order receipt. The commissioners asked the staff to continue to search and notify the property owner again the need for receipts.

The commissioners and Sheriff Glover, with input from Attorney VanDyke, worked on updating the current ordinance for Large Public Assemblies.  The new Ordinance O 2017-1 deals with permits, public safety, traffic, parking, organization, medical, noise and garbage clean-up. It was recognized that different groups had different needs and because of that, the need to be flexible. Attorney VanDyke will rewrite the ordinance with many of the suggestions and bring it back for approval.