After several months of planning and working, the Business Web Page Design students at Valley High School (VHS) were able to see their hard work pay off as the new school website went live last week.

Like many other schools in the area, VHS had previously been using a content management system called Concrete 5 to build and maintain the school website. However, the students did not feel satisfied with the site or the program, and decided they wanted to do a complete overhaul. With the help of the Southwest Educational Development Center, VHS students were able to design a new website using WordPress, a more customizable online content management system.

The students spent several hours researching other sites for ideas, gathering information, taking pictures, designing the site layout, and finally implementing everything to create the new website. They are pleased with their work, and invite everyone to visit the site at

Students involved in this project include: Travis Lee, Daniel Larmore, Carter Kenner, Austin Dean, Casey Reck, Saige Cox, Mackenzie Morgan and Trey Milligan.