What began as a Women’s March taking place in Washington, D.C. turned into a historic event taking place in all 50 states – and from New Zealand to Belarus – and even here in little Kanab.

The snow and cold temperatures didn’t cool the enthusiasm of nearly 200 men, women, children and dogs who gathered for an enthusiastic march across town to express their concerns over changing national policies.

Signs ran a gamut of sentiments, from “Global Warming is Real” to “Save Medicare,” and “Women Just Want FUN-damental Rights.”

“Men of Quality Embrace Equality” was carried by one of the many men present. Even dogs were wearing placards.

A handful of out-of-town visitors from different states, and even different countries, were present waving signs they had stayed up late the night before to create.

“Peace Not Tweet” was posted by one woman who hoped a touch of humor would still get the point across that we need a leader, not a tweeter.

For a small town, it was a brave turnout. The mood was upbeat and proud, but also cautious and concerned. As one woman said, “40 years ago I marched for the extension of the ERA. I can’t believe we’re back in the streets after all this time protecting our rights again.”

Everyone at the march felt they were standing together to protect the rights of women and families, and the overall rights of everyone in America.

Like the many other marches across the nation, it was stressed that President Trump alone is not the target – but that government – on every level. Congress, and the Senate in particular, needs to understand the people are watching every single decision being made. They will make their will known and demand protection of their rights.

The Women’s Marches are a peaceable “uprising of love, ” but they are also a reminder that this is a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people...”

– Abraham Lincoln.

Thanks are due to the volunteers and police officers who escorted marchers, as well as the many drivers who honked and waved showing their support.