The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has recommended charges be filed against Kurt J Bauer, 50, for Issuing a Bad Check and Theft by Deception.

Bauer, of Las Vegas, Nevada, had been living on the Clear Meadow Ranch, west of Mt. Carmel, until May of 2016. Bauer had promised to provide funds to purchase the three million dollar ranch, but never came up with the money. He lived on the property for a couple of years, and was finally evicted by court order in May of 2016.

Bauer has borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple Kane and Garfield County businessmen without paying them back. Bauer is always promising the borrowed money would be returned, often promising to double or triple the amount borrowed. The victims are often reluctant to contact law enforcement because they fear they won’t get the promised large, and often unrealistic, return on their money.

In most of the cases reviewed by the Sheriff’s Office, the investors don’t get any of their money back. Bauer generally has an excuse for not being able to pay, but promises that the check is “in the mail.”

Court filings showed Bauer borrowed $2,000 from a victim, with the promise of paying back $5,000. Bauer returned, and instead of paying the victim back, asked for another $8,000, then gave the victim a check for $35,000. The checking account had been closed, and the check was no good.

Bauer, who served a prison sentence in Nevada for Attempted Homicide, is also being charged in Kane County for Possession of a Firearm by a Restricted Person.

The Kane County Sheriff encourages anyone who has loaned Bauer any amount of money to contact them by phone or submit a tip by clicking on the Tip411 link at With so many scams going around, the Sheriff’s Office wants to encourage all residents of Kane County to be extra careful when investing.