Kanab Arts Magazine (KAM), formerly the Red Rock Review, is accepting artwork, photos and literary for our 2017 issue. All artists, photographers, writers and poets are encouraged to submit work. 

Selection criteria

The KAM editorial staff is currently seeking submissions for the 2017 issue. Preference will be given to content that is either created by local authors and artists or about life in “Kanab Country,” the geographic area in and around Kane County, Utah. Meeting both criteria strengthens your submission. Our mission is to showcase the heart, soul and history of this rare and beautiful place. Submitters release their work to be published for general audiences. The Kanab Arts Council reserves the right to select which submissions will be printed. 

Originality and

copyright law

In accordance with copyright law, your content submission must be wholly original in nature, or you have written permission from original creators to use their material. Please do not submit content that is not created by you. Any submissions that are suspected to be in violation of copyright law will not be printed. 

All works of art and literature are copyrighted upon completion. It’s your responsibility to register your copyright for extra protection, but it’s not necessary to include copyright symbols on your artwork or literature entries. 

General guidelines

Along with your content submission, please include your name as you want it to appear in print, contact information (e-mail, phone #), title/subtitle of your piece, date of creation (please nothing older than three years), and a two to three sentence bio (about 50 words, who you are, what you do, where you live, why you write/create art). Headshot & website information is optional. Go to kanabarts.org for more submission details. 

Submission deadline

KAM is an annual publication. All submissions should be sent by January 31, 2017, for the 2017 issue. Printing will be finished by early May 2017. 

What to expect

If your submission does not meet the listed guidelines, it is highly likely it will not be printed. If you have any questions about your submissions, please contact a member of the KAM editorial staff or send an e-mail to kanabarts@gmail.com">kanabarts@gmail.com

If submissions aren’t printed in the issues immediately following your date of submission, they might be held in reserve for themes in future issues. 


Please send all submissions, comments and questions to our e-mail address: kanabarts@gmail.com. Hard copies will not be accepted. If you have questions or need help preparing your files or taking pictures of artwork, please let us know.