The Kanab City Council at their July 14, 2009, meeting voted to approve a resolution supporting the issuance of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality air quality and water discharge authorizations to Denison Mines Corp. for the operation of their three uranium mines on the Arizona Strip. The Arizona I mine, 35 miles south of Fredonia: Pinenut mine, 4 miles east of the Arizona I mine (both in Mohave County) and the Canyon mine 56 miles NW of Flagstaff (in Coconino County) are being readied for the extraction of uranium ore.  The Arizona Strip reportedly contains 40% of the uranium deposits remaining in the US.

 The water discharge permit pertains to water used in the mining process being discharged from mine sumps into lined impoundments. At the Canyon mine where mine operations will extend to a depth of 2000 feet, studies indicate that usable water at the Redstone limestone aquifer is found at 3200 feet, offering a 1200-foot buffer.

 The air quality permit limits emissions of particulate matter with a diameter less than 10 microns, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and radionucleotides. Ongoing monitoring to assure these limits are not exceeded exist in the regulations. Past compliance with these regulations and reclamation requirements were cited as factors contributing to having no adverse effects on the Grand Canyon attributable to previous uranium mine operations on the Strip.

 There will be a public hearing on the issuance of these permits by the ADEQ to Denison Mines on Wednesday, July 22, at 6 p.m. (AZ time) in the gymnasium of the Fredonia elementary school. Those wishing to make verbal or written comments should obtain pertinent information on the process from the Fredonia Town Clerk''s office and submit any comments by mail or in person by July 22.

 A discussion of the problem of trash dumping along city roads was undertaken in the Work Meeting prior to the 7 p.m. start of the official council meeting. A favorite dumpsite for those junk burdoned souls that can''t manage to make it to the city dump with their former treasures is in the gullies along Chinle Rd. These perpetrators show disrespect for the entire community and risk a fine for littering.

 Kanab''s north entrance sign along Hwy 89 will be spruced up before the Western Legends Roundup event in August. Kanab''s sponsoring of Western Legends Roundup over the past several years was instrumental in securing the Preserve American Community award the city received.

 Dustin Bundy, Kanab''s Animal Control Officer, was taken off probationary status and given a merit pay increase by the city council.  Police Chief Tom Cram stated, "Dustin has a very difficult job that he handles fairly and effectively."  Cram also complimented Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for their generous assistance in relocating Kanab''s stray animals.