Location is an important element in a successful business. A central location is also a great asset when locating a city’s offices. The Kanab City Office will be moving to a more central location at the old Kanab Middle School.

“We’re hoping to be in the new place by the first or second week of January,” commented Kanab City Manager Joe Decker.

Three local government entities have been involved in facilitating the joint project moving forward. The Kane County School District, Kane County and Kanab City all have worked together on the mutually beneficial endeavor.

One of the more immediate results will be a much larger and improved Kanab City Office!

The city has been at its current location in the county building at 76 N. Main Street since the mid-1980’s. The city owned the space they were in, but were definitely outgrowing it!

The new digs at approximately 5 South 100 East, will be much larger, with nearly 6000 square feet, as opposed to the current office with 1,000 square feet. That will include a large, comfortable city council chambers. “This one will fit 85 people, more than doubling the space we currently use for the city council meetings,” said Decker.

When entering the city offices, there will be a comfortable reception area with seating to do city business with the office staff. There will be offices in the building for Mayor Robert Houston, City Manager Joe Decker and Land Use Coordinator Mike Reynolds, (releasing the city from a lease for additional office space).

The Western Legends office will be moved and housed as Kanab City’s tenant. The Kanab City Police will remain in its current location.

In keeping with a concept of frugality, they’ve kept the interior construction all in the city family. “All of our interior remodel in the new location has been done by Kanab City Airport Manager Jeff Turner,” said Decker. “It has solely been done in house. He’s extremely talented.”

Decker said that once the move is complete, the public is welcome to come by and visit them at their new location. He said that there will be new landscaping in the front of the building, and more parking planned in the near future.