The Senior Class of Valley High School participated in Utah College Application Week during the month of November.  

The goal of Utah College Application Week is to provide every high school senior the opportunity to complete at least one viable college or university application during the school day. At Valley High School, our goal is for each 12th grade student to apply to at least three separate postsecondary institutions, including colleges, universities and vocational/technology trade schools. 

Last year, Valley High School graduating seniors had a 100 percent post secondary application rate!

The trend continues this year with the Class of 2017 completing applications this month with Dixie Applied Technology College, Southwest Applied Technology College, Dixie State University, Southern Utah University, Snow College and Westminster College.

School counselor Ashley Chamberlain and ETS representative Lisa Livingston invited representatives from each institution to the school. Application fees were waived for each student, saving considerable costs for each applicant. Each applicant was screened for academic scholarships during the application process as well. Last year, Valley High School students were awarded $749,689 in scholarships, which is a $35,699.48 per student average!

Prior to Utah College Application Week, the counselor met with each student and their parents/guardians in an individual Plan for College and Career Readiness meeting (PCCR).

The PCCR (formerly known as “SEOP”) is a process that includes classroom guidance curriculum as well as group and individual meetings with students and parents where counselors help students plan for graduation and beyond. 

Research shows students find greater success in school if they have the best schedule for their abilities and needs, they can identify their interests and abilities, they have a plan for school and beyond, they can set goals, and their parents are involved in the process.