The annual Law Enforcement/Drug Court Softball Game on October 20, where officers and employees of local law enforcement battle clients and members of the drug court team, came down to the wire.

Vigorous recruitment by both sides to find designated hitters (some even borrowed from each other’s team) resulted this year in a standoff. The game concluded in a tie, 12 runs to 12 runs.

Some would say the umpire (the court’s bailiff) made some “iffy” calls in favor of the drug court team, keeping them in the game. In the end, however, the drug court team proved gritty and resilient, making up a six run deficit in the final inning.

Afterwards, burgers and hot dogs, generously provided by Glazier’s Market and the Sheriff’s Office, restored everyone’s caloric expenditure. The game had it all; home runs, double plays, home plate slides, and body collisions. Fortunately, everyone left the game fully intact and much more committed to working as a community to end drug abuse in Kane County.