Since it is November, it’s not unusual for my heart to turn to Veterans, the flag, liberty and all that America has given me. As I watch the news and I see ISIS flags flown over places, where our flag once flew side by side with some of our allies, I can’t help but feel a deep gratitude when I see ‘Old Glory’ flying above the roof tops, and billowing high into the sky. Yes, you ‘Old Glory,’ mean the world to me.

May Old Glory fly under the sky,

Of the home of the brave and the free.

You’ve been spat on and scorned,

Your stars have been torn,

But you still mean the world to me.


May you wave on with gentle persuasion,

To welcome the patriots home.

Some would burn you on sight,

As you wave through the night,

But, Old Glory, you’ll not stand alone.


For you will still fly under the sky,

Regardless of what others see.

When you are abused,

And in places refused,

You will still mean the world to me.


There’s a place in the heart,

Where each freeman imparts,

What you stand for – sweet liberty.