Powers ‘not’ of persuasion


Owning the Southern Utah News for nearly 25 years has given my husband and I a forum to provide community news, event coverage, feature stories and opinions. Furthermore, the newspaper business has allowed us to actually get to know the people we’re writing about, and understand there are numerous sides to most issues! It’s imperative that we get better informed concerning those of importance, because it’s our job to try to accurately report what we find to the public.

In this election year, as with all others since owning the newspaper, we won’t be endorsing any candidates or issue in the election! Our job is not to tell you how to think, it’s to inform and educate. To tell someone how to vote by virtue of ‘endorsement’ is manipulative and minimizes the reader’s own intelligence.

Peoples’ opinions are formulated from numerous sources such as upbringing, personal knowledge, issue research, religious persuasion and life experiences. I might have a different knowledge and understanding of a subject, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right and you’re wrong! It means we’re both taking ownership of what we think and believe.

I love lively discourse and a good debate! They open our minds and present other views on issues. I believe it abhorrent to personally attack someone who thinks differently! What I’ve learned is that while I may feel passionate and knowledgeable on a certain issue, cause, election, etc., I probably won’t convince readers who think differently. The Southern Utah News’ job is provide a forum for readers to get better informed and have discourse through the Letters to the Editor section.

So the ball is back in the reader’s court! As an American, it’s your responsibility to learn about and gain knowledge of the candidates and issues, and then vote with your own best judgement. Many have fought and sacrificed for us to live in this wonderful free country, where we have the right to choose our elected officials. Please vote – our future honestly does depend on it!