Kane County Hospital’s Healing Arts is pleased to be hosting, “We Are Next.” Linda McCowan, Administrative Director of Re-Creation Retreat, explained, “This is an art show which contains modern portraits of influential women painted by the talented students of Re-Creation Retreat, a private leadership academy located in Fredonia. One student, Lyn, was asked to write an article about the show and this is what she wrote:

“Imagine the impossible. Imagine taking a picture blown up and dividing it. Imagine 35 different girls each working on one square, and when it all comes together, it makes a picture of one of the most important women writers of our generation. Imagine the impossible. Imagine drawing a face using only straight lines. It doesn’t seem possible that the portrait will be recognizable without the curves. Yet here at Re-Creation Retreat we do the seemingly impossible every day.

“We are girls with struggles, and we each have our own stories to tell. We have an opportunity to share ourselves through our artwork. During this project, we each chose an influential woman to portray. For example, Sharon, 18 years old from New Jersey, chose Frida Kahlo because ‘she has an amazing history. She overcame so much.’

“Each of the women that we have painted somehow connect with us. None of them came to greatness easily, yet they live on as some of our greatest influences. They give us hope beyond our challenges. Look out world, soon you will be painting our pictures. Thank you for all of your love and support, and the way you help us feel about ourselves when we do service in the community. We hope you enjoy the show!”

Under the direction of artist and art teacher Josh Baird, Re-Creation Retreat’s students, in addition to the portraits, have also made some art cards to help you smile. To enjoy the portraits and for more details on our art geocache stash, come to the “We Are Next” reception on Nov. 3, at the Kane County Hospital Lobby at 5:30 p.m.