While no one wants to have an accident, occasionally a difficult circumstance leads to finding humanity in others. Brooke Benner, from Los Angeles, Calif., learned the hard way about a stranger and his family’s kindness toward others.

Benner was visiting the area in early September, when she had a bad horse accident in the middle of a 50-mile endurance race on the Kaibab near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. She e-mailed the Southern Utah News to express her gratitude to her knight in shining armor, for his prompt action in getting her help.

Kanab City Mayor Robert Houston happened to be waiting for a different riding group, the Red Rock Ride participants who were arriving the same day, when he observed the woman waiting for some emergency help.

“She had experienced a bad accident and was at the park entrance,” said Houston. “She looked as though she needed emergency help quickly.”

Houston drove the woman to the base of the Kaibab and met up with a Kane County ambulance that was enroute. He said it had been a long drive with the sick woman, and he was very concerned that she had experienced a bad head injury.

“I was scared and puking terribly,” said Benner. “He was just wonderful to take me to the ambulance.”

Fortunately for Benner, while she did suffer a concussion in the fall, it was not life threatening. She was treated and released.

“It was so wonderful, because the Houstons waited to see if I was going to be okay. And then when I got released, his granddaughter Whitney drove me the two hours back up to the base camp! What wonderful people to help a stranger!”

Benner is back home recuperating in California. She said that while she did experience some hearing loss in one ear, she’s slowly getting better from the concussion and bruised tailbone.

While this was Benner’s first time participating in the Grand Canyon X-T Endurance Race, she hopes to try it again. She expressed her appreciation of the beautiful surroundings, as well as the kindness of strangers.