The RC Fly-In last Saturday was just simply fun – for pilots, for families, for kids, for grown-ups. It was a good show.

“RC Pilots like to come to Kanab because of the beautiful backdrop of the red cliffs,” says Buck Brown, Secretary, Kanab RC Modelers Club. “Even with the wind, we all had an enjoyable day.”

Twenty pilots and 45 aircraft entertained the crowd. A big hit was Andrew Taylor of St. George, a young man who recently placed fifth in the world as a 3D aerobatic stunt pilot! Taylor custom-built his giant scale airplane. He is fully sponsored by Horizon Hobbies, and travels around the country to represent the company.

Paul Bradshaw, Midway, UT, demonstrated his jet turbine aircraft. It was another big hit; a thrill to see the speed of this “toy.” It actually sounds like a jet aircraft as it reaches speeds of 200 mph. We also got a peek inside his mobile jet hangar. Impressive!

The wind was too strong for buddy-box flying, but the computer flight simulators set up inside the terminal were busy all day with kids of all ages.

Joe Kirton, St. George, started flying giant scale models three years ago. “We all started out with little foam airplanes. If they crashed, we’d glue them back together. Some of us pilots progress to the giant scale. Mine is 35 percent. Giant scale airplanes are made of wood,” Kirton explains, “and when they crash, we know who to call for help – Dennis Church.” Church is known as the “wood Jesus” because he is so gifted with wood. When asked about how much it costs to get to the “big league” of building a giant scale plane, Kirton explained that it takes about $3,000 to get started – airframe $1,000; components, $2,000.

Bert Mitchell, Cedar City, was the announcer, keeping pilots organized and safe. Jeff Turner, Airport Manager, handled the airport traffic. There were many compliments on the new terminal building, and a crowd for the Lions Club BBQ lunch. A big shout out to them. They were there early, setting up and getting ready to start serving their hamburgers and hotdogs at 11 a.m.

A disappointment for some was the expectation that Dave Baird would be giving free flights, as in previous years. Unfortunately, he had a death in his Florida family and chose to be with them, despite Hurricane Matthew. Everyone who wanted to fly was able to sign up for a flight in the near future, thanks to the coordination of Thea Van Baal.

If RC flying interests you, go to for more information.