G2G Ultra was accepted as part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, one of only 18 races worldwide in this elite group, out of thousands of ultra trail races around the world.

G2G 2016 saw the highest number of returning runners (some to finish again; others to have a “do-over”; and some returned to volunteer.)

The 2016 race started with a record number of contestants (139), and finished with a record number (115), the highest G2G finish rate to date!

Both male and female course records were set.

Runners got to experience the excitement of a flash flood. There were a lot of stories around camp about it, which will likely live on forever (and perhaps grow in proportion – How deep? How close? How fast?)

Local runners Vince Vincent and Paul Grimm, who insisted on being together in the same tent, also made new friends with their other tent mates from Japan, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

2016 was the first year Hampton Inn was used to house the majority of G2G participants before and after the race. Remember all the predictions about how the new hotels would drive the smaller ones out of business? Seems that most nights there was not a room anywhere in town, presenting a challenge for runners who had to drop out, but wanted to remain in Kanab, enjoy the area, and go to the final celebration on Saturday.

G2G will have a sister race, the M2M (Mauna to Mauna), in Hawaii next May. Learn more at g2gultra.com.