Dave Owens was awarded the Extra Mile Award at the September 26 Kane County Commission Meeting.  Owens is the ITS (Information Technology Systems) Director for the county. He recently directed the repair and maintenance of a major system from his hospital bed. He is also very active in a variety of county committees.  Every department knows they can call on Owens when there is any computer problem or when implementing a new program. Owens has been with the county for over 25 years and received a standing ovation when accepting the award.

In other county business, the commission approved an agreement between Kane County and the Forest Service, granting a right of way on Strawberry Valley Road. The county has maintained the road as long as Lou Pratt could remember, now it is official. With this agreement, the county can do chip and seal improvements as long as they don’t widen the road.  The commissioners extended a thank you to Angie Bullets, U.S. Forest Service Supervisor, for her work on this agreement.

Sandy Kerr, Vicki Hooper and Pastor Will Leonard submitted a proposal to the commission for an organization named Kane County Cares. The program would run parallel to the current PATH, (Program for Assistance to Transient and Homeless), an organization for transients.  This new program’s goal would be to help local people. With the commission’s approval, they will set up a board and move forward.  This is a non-food/non-cash proposal.  They will use vouchers, just like the Path program. 

Commissioner Lamont Smith said, “I don’t want to go back to people abusing.  That is why we need a board.” 

Commissioner Dirk Clayson added, “We cannot use taxpayer money. The community and churches need to be involved.” 

Kerr said the program would be self-sustaining. Payback would be with community service.

Commissioner Jim Matson stated, “Programs like this keep us from having a homeless population.”

Kerr will return with more information and a board.

Shannon McBride, Kane County Land Use Authority, proposed the county add a pier design to the Land Use Ordinance 9-1-7 for manufactured homes.  She is concerned about the cost and said this proposed change is right out of the International Code. A discussion ensued on the current requirements and just how much concrete is necessary. The commissioners liked the idea, but want a little more research, like the reasoning behind the current code.  This will be on the next agenda.

Some lot joinders were approved. Because of vacated easements by Garkane, Meadow View Estate lots 11 and 12 are now lot 11.

Another lot joinder was in Strawberry Valley Estates, Unit 4.  Lots 29, 30, 31 and 52 are now lot 31.

The final Plat for Palomar Estates Subdivision Phase 2 lots 1,2,3 and 4, east of Kanab, was approved.  These are five-acre lots.

Resolution R 2016-11 was approved, with the commissioners appointing Kane County Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson as the Utah Counties Insurance Pool representative.  Commissioner Matson was approved as the alternate.

The commission approved Ordinance O 2016-12, Kane County Limited Purpose Local Government Entities Code.  This requires all of the special service districts board members to get annual training, adopt a procurement policy and submit an audit or summary audit to the Kane County Budget Officer so the county can meet state regulations. There was some discussion that some of the Special Service Districts will have trouble meeting the deadline among the commissioners. But they were in agreement that the requirements are already there. This is nothing new.  Kane County Budget Officer John Livingston will notify each district and answer any questions they may have. Commissioner Clayson said, “We are giving our districts long advanced notice to submit by May 15, 2017.”

Jeanette Nielson was appointed to the Church Wells Special Service District to fill a vacant position. 

The commission voted to ratify the inter-local agreement for the annual Utah Celebration of Freedom and Lifestyles.