To commemorate the National Parks Service’s 100th birthday, the NPS teamed up with Google to put together a 360° video tour of five national parks, including Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park.

Park Ranger Kevin Poe guides and narrates the Bryce Canyon portion in “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks.” He takes the viewer through tall red canyons and to prime close-up views of the ever-changing hoodoos. The tour ends with a 360° shot of the starry sky where light pollution doesn’t affect the glowing constellations.

“I’ve been at Bryce for 16 years now, find me a park with better rocks or stars, and then maybe I’ll move on. Until then, this is my home,” Poe said in the video.

“Out of 58 national parks, it’s exciting that Bryce Canyon was chosen and featured, but it’s no surprise considering how scenic and unique the park is,” said Falyn Owens, Executive Director of the Garfield County Tourism Office. “Now more people will be able to experience this incredible area who wouldn’t have been able to before.”

Google also showcases Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Hawaiian volcanoes, New Mexico’s Carlsbad Cavern and Florida’s Dry Tortugas. The full 360° experience is available online and on the Google Arts and Culture app. Schools can take advantage of online field trips through the Google Expeditions app.