While Honey’s Marketplace, located at 260 East 300 South in Kanab, has a new store manager, many of us recognize Lance Davis as a long-time Kanab Cowboy!

“I grew up in Kanab, and spent my youth (from five through high school) here,” said Davis.

After high school, a job in construction eventually led him to a superintendent position for large projects such as the Hurricane High School building. “I enjoyed the job and being in charge of 20-60 employees, with as many as 20 subcontractors,” said Davis. “It was good work and I enjoyed the different aspects of the job.”

But several things and people brought him back to Kanab! His wife, Kristin Honey (maiden name), and their three children! “Susan (mother-in-law) needed help over here, and our children wanted to be back with their cousins!”

Davis, with his background in business management, took over as store manager in June. The busy 30,000 square foot grocery store has about 85 part and full-time employees, and has been owned by the Honey family and a fixture in Kanab for nearly 27 years.

Honey’s Marketplace has a full service bakery, and a deli and meat department. Davis comments that the deli has been increasingly successful in sales for tourists and locals alike.

Store offerings are general grocery supplies, as well as specialty meat, fish and dietary items. “Western Family is our stock brand,” explained Davis. “We have over 20 different vendors that service us.”

Store hours are from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. They are closed on Sundays. Their website is www.honeysmarketplace.com

Davis said they are hoping to offer more new delicious food items for consumer’s enjoyment. “We’re doing a lot of new things in the bakery, as well as in the deli. Our smoker has been popular, with ribs, brisket and pulled pork offered daily. We also have fresh cut fruit and snacks for the travelers.”

Honey’s will be having an August 19-20 event, the Roasted Hatch Chile Festival, that will feature roasted chiles, along with different offerings of smoked meats.

Davis and the crew at Honey’s encourage everyone to come in and visit!