Nowadays there seems to be no limit to what the Kane County Office of Tourism can accomplish. Their “Visit Southern Utah” campaign has grown and expanded its reach internationally. The “Abrakanabra” campaign has proven successful, an imaginative tagline promoting the magic of this remarkable red rock region. With the promotion of former Assistant Director Camille Johnson to the position of Director, the Tourism Office is set for yet another leap ahead, building on the hard work done by former Director Ken Gotzenberg.

Given the ambitious amount of growth, choosing just the right team, including new members, is very important. Recently two new team members were added; Danielle Ramsay and Garett Glover. Ramsay is filling Camille’s former role as Assistant Director of Tourism. Glover is the new Recreational Director of Kane County. Both new employees are convinced that they are in exactly the position they should and want to be in, and are determined to make the most of it.

Ramsay and her family were born and raised in Kane County. She has lived in and out of the area, but always felt a magnetic pull bringing her back. Her husband, Kris, is from Kanab, and between them, they decided to return here to raise their children and stay forever. As Danielle describes it, “anytime I am away from here, as I drive home and see the red rock buttes, my heart settles, and I know I am home again.”

Danielle has considerable experience in hospitality and event coordination. Her family of five volunteer together at various special events and last year she was part of the ambitious team that put together the very successful Little Hollywood Half-Marathon.

For Danielle and her family, the outdoors is simply the best adventure ever. As a mother, and an outdoor explorer, she likes to say that there aren’t many other places where you can walk out your door and enjoy world-class free entertainment.

Her role here in the Kane County Office of Tourism fills her with ambition, fired and shared by her new boss. In her words, “We, the travel team here, are in this for the long run. We will be having fun, but working hard, and be very busy promoting the beauty of this remarkable community and protecting its integrity. I have a lot to learn, a lot to do, but what a dream job!”

Glover, as new Recreational Director of Kane County, is looking forward to taking advantage of his experience in developing youth sports and recreational activities. “My job is to build, support, and promote recreational activities and work with Parks and Recreation,” he says.

That barely describes his ambitions. He has been involved in sports, sports activity management, coaching, and youth projects nearly his entire life. He traveled to Switzerland on a youth basketball program and has officiated high school varsity games. He also worked in a program assisting challenged youth.

He is passionate about the importance of getting smaller communities like Kanab to focus on the importance of youth events, understanding all the statistics on how youth involved in sports are considerably more likely to finish school and move ahead in life.

“For me, being a local growing up with a father who is a high school teacher who believed in the importance of extracurricular activities, I feel so lucky this job suits my lifestyle and beliefs.”

Glover intends to use his personal commitment to outdoor sports activities to promote the healthy lifestyle of our local community, and continue building on newer campaigns like “Run It Kanab” that will attract out of town visitors.

The new Kane County Office of Tourism “dream team” is committed to protecting the history and culture of our past, as well as protecting our present culture and looking to the future.