As I mopped rain and muck last week, as did so many others in Kanab, I kept thinking of the lyrics from Daniel Powter’s song Bad Day. “So you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song, just to turn it around!”

I’m sure sad songs were aplenty last week, and many still going on! My husband and I come from the midwest where flooding events are more common. But, it’s just not something you expect here in the desert!

The deluge of rain in a short period of time took everyone by surprise in Kanab. While the city’s more recent preparations for addressing a large flooding issue lessened the punch, you probably couldn’t convince anyone dealing with deep sewage, water and muck – many with no insurance recourse!

Thanks to the city, county, law enforcement, businesses, churches and individuals who responded with backhoes, shovels, mops and food to those most affected. While it was an awful, costly mess, anyone would have been impressed by the volunteer response!

Let’s continue to help with the clean-up, and our thoughts and prayers are with those most affected.


Somewhat obscured in all the chaos of the flood event was that we had a wonderful production of “Annie” performed in Kanab last weekend! We would like to thank the Symphony of the Canyons for sponsoring the event, and congratulate the entire production staff, cast and crew on an awesome performance! We attended the Thursday night performance, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you all for bringing a performance that suggested, “the sun will come out tomorrow!”


While we all get frustrated with situations in our lives, I’m always charmed and amazed by the good that’s around us. People sacrificing both time and money, others opening their doors to strangers, making food, lending a hand – these efforts should touch everyones’ hearts. Like Mayor Houston said, “I’m proud to live in Kanab!”