Utah Highway Patrol trooper Nicholas Berrie stopped a 2009 Toyota Corolla on July 10, for illegal window tint, and found a pot load more. He made contact with the driver, Ubaldo Castillo, 19, and passenger, Mr. Adelmo , 26. Neither had a valid license. The car was registered to a resident of Kearns Utah. The two occupants were coming from either Flagstaff or Phoenix, and traveling to Kearns,( in the Salt Lake City Area). 

    After talking with the two vehicle occupants, Berrie gained consent to search the vehicle.  When he opened the trunk of the vehicle, both subjects fled on foot. Berrie secured the vehicle and called for backup. Local officers responded and assisted in trying to find the two suspects.  Neither were apprehended.  Inside the trunk were 14 packages of compressed marijuana, weighing a total of 250 pounds.