The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the Kane County, Utah Sheriff’s Office on July 1, 2016, advising a rancher had located human skeletal remains between Fredonia and Jacob Lake, Ariz.

The local rancher was working his cattle range area just south of State Highway 89A and located the remains, clothing, boots and a daypack under a tree.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area where the rancher led them to the remains. Remnants of weathered clothing and boots were still present, as was a daypack. A handgun was found under the remains. The remains appeared to have been there for some time, if not several years.

In April 30, 2013, Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives responded to a wooded area north of Jacob Lake to a report from Forest Service employees of a suspicious vehicle apparently abandon in the forest off Highway 89A. It was determined the abandon truck was stolen and wanted in connection with a then current homicide investigation that occurred in Glendale, Ariz. The suspect in the homicide and stealing of the vehicle was listed as wanted and his whereabouts unknown.

Glendale Police detectives responded to the area as well as Coconino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue unit, and conducted a search of the area. At the time, no further evidence was located and the suspect’s whereabouts were still unknown.

A search of the daypack found with the remains, located a work shirt that bore a company name connected to the homicide. It is believed the remains may be that of the homicide suspect.

The investigation has been turned over to Glendale detectives. For questions about Glendale Police Department''s case, please contact Glendale Police Department Sgt. Scott Waite at 623-930-3076.

For questions about the body discovery, contact the Coconino County Sheriff''s Office, Commander Rex Gilliland, 928-226-5025.