The fair is only one month away.  I hope you are getting your animals and other entries ready to go.  There will be lots to do the week of August 6-13. There are a few new events, like a three-gun shoot, log saw and Lego contests. 

A three-gun shoot is one of the fastest growing gun sports today. You compete using three different guns; a rifle, pistol and shotgun.  Using the weapons at different times along the way, you go through a fast pace shooting obstacle course  It is lots of fun!

A log saw is always challenging.  There will be t-shirts for those who can saw the best.

The Lego contests are fairly new. This is the second year, but unlike last year, they will both only run for one and a half hours.  There will be great Lego prizes for the winners.  

The fair board would like to congratulate Jessie Lyn Glover who won $50 for her drawing in this year’s rulebook contest.  You will see her work on the cover of the rulebooks located at Honeys, Glaziers, Office of Tourism, Volunteer Center, Terry’s Food and Drug and True Value Hardware Store in Duck Creek.  There were over 60 entries and many wonderful choices. You should be very proud of your kids in Kane County.   If you haven’t seen any signs telling what is going on go to There is a schedule of events and all you need to know about the rule book, and other contests and events that will be happening that week.  See you at the fair.