Kanab Artists of the Year for 2015, Travis Mitchell and the late Matt Walters, were honored with plaques and a photo to be hung in the Kanab City offices with previous honorees, at the June 28 city council meeting.

President of the Kanab City Arts Council Tony Schoenfeld stated Mitchell and Walters were awarded this recognition for their work in improving properties they owned in the western part of Kanab along Highway 89. “Their tasteful approach to enhancing the appearance of the motels they obtained has improved the appearance of Kanab in that part of town,” said Schoenfeld. 

The 2015 Artist of the Year Award is different from previous artist awards in that the art concept involves the restoration of buildings in an artistic fashion, rather than an individual artist’s medium.  It broadens the scope of what can be considered for the award in the future.

Laurali Noteman was given similar honors for her encouragement and support of photographers, painters and other artists in the Kanab area. An artist herself, she has developed and promoted her Healing Arts series at Kane County Hospital for many years, which showcases artwork in the main hall of the hospital to be enjoyed by patients and visitors alike.

Mayor Robert Houston, the city council members, along with a sizeable audience, applauded the selection of these deserving individuals for their awards.

Mike Reynolds, Kanab City Land Use Coordinator, clarified Land Use Ordinance 6-2-2016 for outdoor lighting in the city. In order to help preserve Kanab’s relatively dark night sky and avoid irritating neighbors, no lighting that casts a direct beam onto a neighboring property will be permitted in new home developments.  Existing lighting that may be offending a neighbor is grandfathered in, but complaints can be addressed under the Nuisance Ordinance. 

Reynolds explained the formula for determining densities in multi-family housing developments. The smallest allowable square footage of a unit is 750 sq. ft.  When considering the size of the plot needed, a developer must have 25 percent of the land in parking spots and 25 percent in landscaping, with 12.5 percent of that in the front of the building.  So, in effect, the parking space requirement largely determines what can be built on the 50 percent allotted to the building itself.

The new requirement for multi-family units is for two parking spaces- down from the previous 2.25/unit.  Any development with two or more units on the property must go before the Planning Use Committee.

There were no public comments on the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Kanab city budget, which was passed by the council in Resolution 6-3-2016 R.