On June 27, around 8 p.m., Kane County Dispatch received a call from an emergency locator monitoring company. They had received a signal from someone who activated an emergency locator device. The device provides the GPS coordinates of the individual with the device, and this one had the capability to send short text messages through the satellite as well. 

The individuals indicated they were lost, out of water, and that one of them was experiencing some heat-related stress. They were instructed to remain where they were, and help would come to them. Coordinates came back from an area just inside the Kane County portion of Zion National Park, about 1.7 miles south of the east entrance station. 

The two individuals from Newport Beach, Calif., parked their car in the Checkerboard Mesa area, and had been hiking in the Fat Man’s Misery/Barracks canyon area for several hours. They lost their trail and had been out of water for a few hours when they signaled for help. 

Since it was nearing nighttime, and because of the potential medical emergency, Kane County contacted Classic Lifeguard and asked them to fly to the GPS coordinates and see if they could locate the two hikers. They quickly located them! 

The gentleman was picked up and flown to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George for evaluation. They then returned and picked up the female and flew her back to her car near Checkerboard Mesa where Kane County deputies were waiting to assist her. A potential tragedy was averted thanks to Classic Aviation and their speedy assistance in this operation!

Kane County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the relationship they have with Classic. They are called upon frequently with search and rescue efforts, and make it possible for a quicker response in times when there is a potential for injury or illness. Kane County is appreciative of their partnership, and stress that Kane County has definitely benefited since they began operations at Kanab Airport!