Every day should be his day,

He’s a father, dad and friend.

He’s a confidante and teacher,

With help and love to lend.


He can make the darkest night

Seem safe from all alarms.

When you are afraid and lost,

He will hold you in his arms.


He makes the world a better place,

When you know he’s there.

For all the years you have him,

You know he’ll always care.


He can teach you, oh so many things,

If you will pay attention.

Gleaning from his wisdom,

More things than I could mention.


His years have taught him tenderness,

How to love, not judge.

Sometimes when you are straying,

He’s there to lift or nudge.


When you look back on all those years,

Or sometimes you’re feeling sad,

The trials of life are not so hard,

If you had a loving dad.


So honor him, and thank him,

For all his love and caring.

For the years he gave to you,

You have learned so much of sharing.


Give him back the gift of love,

So much beyond recall.

But, especially on this day, give loving thanks,

To the Father of us all.