Due to extreme fire danger conditions, private use of fireworks will be restricted in several areas of Kanab City for both the July 4th and Pioneer Day celebrations this year. Areas where firework use will not be permitted include:

A. All areas south of Kanab Creek Drive

B. All areas west of 300 West

C. All areas east of 600 East (east of cemetery)

D. These areas include all of Kanab Creek Ranchos, Cedar Heights and La Estancia subdivisions

This is also a common sense ban, which prohibits the use of fireworks anywhere within Kanab City limits where there is an obvious fire hazard or overgrown vegetation.

Help Kanab prevent wildfires this season by honoring these restrictions, and be sure to protect your property by removing excess vegetation and creating a defensible space around all buildings and propane tanks.

Please direct any questions to the Kanab City Office at (435) 644-2534.

Thank you and have a Happy 4th of July from your Kanab Firefighters!