“At the direction of the Board of Directors, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary did purchase 400 acres across the highway from the Sanctuary, known as Three Lakes,” confirmed Barb Williamson, Media Relations Manager.

The Three Lakes property is on the west side of Highway 89, approximately five miles north of Kanab. The red hills that hover above the small lakes often are reflected in the water, giving tourists a great photo opportunity. In Fall, the leaf colors and their reflections are breathtaking.

The beautiful property has been the source of several interesting issues in the past. There was the discovery of the rare Amber Snail there. An eventual stand-off occurred between those wanting protection for the endangered species, and former owner Brandt Child, who had geese there. Since the geese might harm the snails, local law enforcement were called out and asked to shoot the geese if they were observed eating the snails. Child was to be fined if a goose autopsy confirmed any snail stomach content! The chaotic situation eventually got settled, but resulted in Kanab being on national news.

The other Three Lakes mystery was that Montezuma’s gold was buried at the bottom of one of the very deep lakes in a cave that extended into the hill. One film crew even made a documentary of divers trying to find the treasure. That was short-lived, since the divers got sketched in the deep water, saying it felt like it was haunted. And … no gold was found!

Williamson said there are no immediate plans at this time and that for now, the land will be preserved as is. Options being considered include building affordable housing for Best Friends staff members, as well as reserving land for potential expansion of the sanctuary.

“But regardless of what will eventually be built on the property, there will always be an increased value on preserving the natural beauty of the area,” said Williamson.