City Manager Joe Decker outlined proposed changes to the Kanab City fee schedule for the Kanab City Council at their May 24 meeting. They are scheduled to be adopted at the next city council meeting June 13.

These include adding a $25 cleaning deposit to the library multipurpose room daily fee of $25 and $75- if food is being served. The yearly fee for weekly use will be raised to $500, from $100 now, plus a deposit, and $750 if food is served. Nonprofit organizations will not be charged a use fee.

Water rates are transitioning to a consumption rate schedule. The up to 10,000 gallon per month rate of $27 currently billed will be lowered to 7,000 gallons for that same price. After 7,000 gallons the cost goes up at tiered levels at a fairly modest scale. For example, use between 7-10,000 gallons costs one dollar more.

A days use of the Heritage House will cost $75, plus a $25 deposit.

Cemetery fees were restructured. A lot for a Kanab resident went from $100 to $200. Opening a grave increased from $150 to $200. Perpetual care of a gravesite rose from $200 to $250 and will be required and is to be paid at the time of internment. A spot for cremated remains will total $200.

The council agreed to charge a daily fee at the city pool of $5 for non-residents, while the resident fee remains at $3.

All of these changes and others can be viewed on Kanab’s website for further information.

The Federal Aviation Administration conducted an inspection of Kanab’s Airport on May 11.  Overall, the report was very favorable. Two issues needed to be addressed. An easy one- the wind sock on the west side of the airport needs replacement.

The other - not so easy - is disallowing the flying of unmanned aircraft on the airport grounds. It was said that unmanned aircraft, like the radio-controlled mini-planes used by hobbyist, should not be flown within five miles of the airport. The airport will be closed for the RC Fly-in scheduled this fall.

Resolution 5-1-16 adopting the Kanab City budget for fiscal year 2016-2017 was passed unanimously by the council. Details can be found on the website, but a balance of $619,000 is projected at the end of this fiscal year.