On a clear day, when the breezes are gentle and the sky is radiant with forever blue, you might see a multicolored aircraft on the horizon. Actually, if you are really fortunate, you could glimpse two aircraft in the sky, sailing lazily across the Valley.

Last Saturday morning, I heard the hum of an engine above my house and knew Kenny Spencer and Bob Caruso were out cruising the skies. I have been anxiously waiting for Kenny to give me an up-close and friendly look at his craft.

Well, he hovered over the family farm, shot an aerial photo, and gave the friendly wave as I was taking photos from the ground. The scene reminded one of a pirate ship sailing on the maine. You might say that Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are floating in the skies again.

The two daredevils enjoy their hobby and frankly the folks on the ground enjoy watching as they appear and then disappear across the mountain.

Thanks boys for adding a spark of life and entertainment to the Valley on a clear beautiful Saturday morning. Folks will be watching for you again.