Mariah Mudrow placed first in Children’s Literature at the Arizona Educator’s Rising state competition with a perfect score.

Although one of the smallest schools at state, Fredonia High School continues to show off their Early Childhood Education students by once again qualifying for national competition.

Jeanne Crookston, Early Childhood Education instructor, not only prepares students for competition, but offers her students six credits a year of dual enrolled credit with Coconino Community College.

Children’s Literature is one of the most popular and competitive events. Students must write, illustrate and orally present an original children’s book. They are scored on literary content, live reading presentation, text mechanics, guideline adherence, time of presentation and overall impact. Mudrow received a perfect score from the judges.

Her book, “Hide-N-Sock,” is a compelling story about a boy’s search for his lost sock. His imagination leads him on an adventurous search and ends with a “shock.” Mudrow’s story is adorned with colorful pictures featuring a mouse that reinforces kindergarten science standards.

She next competes at the national competition in Boston. If you wish to help sponsor Mudrow, donations can be made at Fredonia High School or find her on